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Lula rebuffs recent accusations by politicians, the media and lies propagated in the Internet

May 23, 2016 7:08 PM

Brazil's former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has rebuffed recent accusations and attacks by the local media and denounced lies propagated in the social networks and in the Internet reiterating that he has always had acted strictly within the law “before, during and after his presidential terms”.

In one of the statements, Lula's press officers remember that the former president has been a public figure since the 1980s and has been investigated for four decades, including being forcefully taken for questioning, and that all his family has also been investigated but, after all this, nothing has been found to indicate wrong-doing or illegalities.

Since May 14 the local media has published several stories which attempted to include Lula in the wrong-doings and on-going corruption investigations.

→ O May 14th, Lula's press office rebuffed a story published by weekly news magazine Veja which accused Lula of trying to obstruct corruption investigations in the so-called Car Wash scandal. In a statement written by Lula's defense, contacts with former Senator Delcídio do Amaral were formally part of Lula's activities as an influential political leader, which still includes contacts with the members Workers' Party in Congress. Lula's lawyers also said that the accusations made by Veja were supposedly based on documents which were illegally leaked and were not aligned with information Lula's defense has on on-going investigations. The lawyers also said that phone records of contacts between Lula and José Carlos Bumlai do not implicate in crime specially because Lula and Bumlai are friends (read the full statement in Portuguese)

→On May 17th, Lula's press office rebuffed accusations made by ex-senator Delcídio do Amaral during a TV interview that Lula had tried to interfere in investigations. The former senator did not present any proof of accusations nor did he objectively reply to questions made during the show. Lula's press office reiterated the fact that the former senator is himself being investigated for trying to obstruct the course of justice and is attempting to ease any possible court sentencing by collaborating with investigations but that this collaboration, according to Brazil's Supreme Court, are not fully legally-accepted proof, since they need to be corroborated by further investigation. (read full statement here in Portuguese ).

→ On May 18th Lula's press office published the complete e-mail sent to Globo Television, requested by producers of Brazil's most popular news programme, Jornal Nacional, but which were not aired. The statement was partially used by Jornal Nacional as part of a bigger report on accusations made by Senator Delcídio do Amaral, who made accusations of wrong doing based on facts that had already been cleared and explained formally to investigators in early April. (read full statement here in Portuguese )

→ On May 19th Lula's press office published a statement denying rumors about Lula allegedly having health problems and having been admitted to hospital by a site Pensa Brasil. Lula undergoes regular medical check ups and takes care of his health exercising daily. Pensa Brasil is a site hosted in the United States with the sole “purpose of misleading the Brazilian population”, Lula's press office said in a statement. (read full statement here in Portuguese )

→ Also on May 19th, Lula's press office explained how Lula's rights were ignored by the produces of the news show Jornal Nacional, Brazil largest audience televised news aired by Rede Globo. Lula's office explained the sequence of events leading to an unbalanced report which included a complete edition with pictures taken from older records, open air recordings and specially produced graphics, indicating that the report was in preparation for several hours before being aired. Lula's press office was contacted at 8:09 PM, 20 minutes fore the start of Jornal Nacional and 40 minutes before the above-mentioned report was aired. The producers gave Lula 26 minutes to reply, which was dully respected when the press office answered fully in writing the accusations made through the report. The answers were ignored by Camila Bomfin, Jornal Nacional's reporter, who bureaucratically aired Lula's defense in a few seconds at the end of the report. (read full statement here in Portuguese )

→ May 20th, the last in the series of statements, Lula's press office published a statement denying rumours that Lula would be targeted in the most recent operation by Brazil's Federal Police, Janus. “Public prosecutors have investigated Lula's international trips, who traveled with him, the hotels he stayed at and with whom he met abroad. And the result simply proved that Lula has always acted legally, in defense of Brazil, as all former presidents throughout the world do. This is why Lula is not and could not be involved this morning's police operation”.(read full statement here in Portuguese )