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Instituto Lula


Without evidence against Lula, investigators and press resort to conversations that never took place

May 30, 2016 4:57 PM

In a statement to the press Instituto Lula said that the recent wave of libelous accusations against Brazil's former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the local press are based on illegal leaks by investigators of depositions made by convicted criminals which only prove that no there is no trace of evidence of wrong-doing by Lula even after more than two years of investigations on all his professional and political activities.

“For more than two years former president Lula's bank accounts, tax payments, travels and conversations have been thoroughly investigated and nothing has been found to link him to the wrong-doings in Petrobras because Lula has always acted in strict accordance to the law,” Instituto Lula said.

Instituto Lula labeled the illegal leaks – which were based on supposed allegations made by a convicted politician Pedro Correa in a plea bargain agreement with public attorneys - disgusting and reaffirmed the legality of Lula's acts before, during and after his presidential terms.

“The democratic rule of law does not admit this kind of treacherous and cowardly manipulation neither by public agents nor the media, which uses it to install a campaign of hate and libel against former president Lula,” Instituto Lula's press office wrote in a statement published on May 27.

The statement reminds the Brazilian public that the alleged crimes were lies made up by Mr. Correa in an attempt to reduce his 20-year prison sentence for money laundering and corruption.

Lula also reaffirmed that such leaks show there proof of alleged crimes have and will not be found despite a two-investigation of his tax payments, bank accounts, trips and even private conversations.

Lula also denounced the violation of the rights of his family.

See below a summary in English of the most recent statements:

→ 28/05/2016: Statement about recordings leaked illegally - It is simply disgusting the publication of mock conversations with a clear intention to include former president Lula in illegalities in which he did not take part. The illegally leaked recordings is yet another proof that, after investigations of more than two years, the federal public prosecutors didn't find any evidence against Lula because Lula has always acted illegally.

→ 27/05/2016: Statement sent to Rede Globo about slanderous reports published by Veja news magazine - For more than two years former president Lula's bank accounts, tax payments, travels and conversations have been thoroughly investigated and nothing has been found to link him to the wrong-doings in Petrobras because Lula has always acted in strict accordance to the law.

Former president Lula was not accessory to the crimes committed and, furthermore, did not organize any kind of illegal action and the Car Wash investigators know this.

You cannot take as truth the word of defendants that have already confessed their crimes and that negotiate accusations with no proof in order to leave prison.

You cannot take seriously slanderous reports published by Veja newsweekly magazine which lies and campaigns against Lula for decades.

As a result of evidence of yet another illegally leaked declarations, Lula's lawyers will seek access to the declarations made by the defendant Pedro Correa to take the legal action necessary in the face of yet another arbitrary action against the former president.

→ 27/05/2016: With no proofs against Lula, federal prosecutors leak invented conversations - Pedro Correa has been convicted by Judge Sérgio Moro to over 20 years of prison on 72 charges of corruption and 328 charges and money laundering. In order not to serve this sentence that he signed a plea bargain deal with the Federal Public Prosecutors involving former president Lula and even inventing dialogues which would have occurred 12 years ago.

It is disgusting that police officers and prosecutors transcribe this farce in an official document in such a way as to hurt the honour of former president Lula and one of the most respected politicians in Brazil, deceased Senator José Eduardo Dutra who cannot defend himself.

The democratic rule of law does not admit this type of treacherous and cowardly manipulation, which is used by the media for its ongoing hate campaign against Lula.

This disgusting lies is just reaffirms the fact that after two years Car Wash investigations have not found any proof or evidence that Lula participated in the wrong-doings in federal oil company Petrobras because Lula has always acted within the law. That is why they are now relying on untrue plea bargain.

→ 25/05/2016: Statement sent to TV news program Jornal Nacional about recordings of conversations with Renan Calheiros - The arbitrary and violent actions committed against Lula are notorious which includes illegal forceful conduction of Lula for questioning, monitoring of telephone conversations, violation of banking privacy and the invasion his home and that of his sons. The conversations cited are part of yet another illegal leak which confirm the witch hunt that the former president is being subjected to. Lula has always cooperated with investigations in order to uphold the truth.