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A Note on the precipitous judgment by the Federal Solicitor General’s office in the case of Former President Lula

04/05/2016 17:50

The petition presented by the Federal Solicitor General’s Office is based merely on suppositions and hypotheses that have absolutely no value as proof.  They represent the precipitous, offensive and unacceptable judgment  by the Solicitor General’s Office based solely on the word of a criminal.

Former President Lula did not participate directly or indirectly in any of the facts and/or events being investigated as part of the Lava Jato Operation.

In recent years, former President Lula has been the target of a thorough investigation.  His activities, speeches, travels, bank accounts, absolutely everything has been covered and nothing has been found that was either illegal or irregular.

Lula has always collaborated freely with the authorities in the search for the truth, including lengthy explanations to the Federal Solicitor General’s Office.

The former President has nothing to fear from these investigations.

Office of Press Relations
Instituto Lula