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Caravan of Resistance for the Northeast collects signatures for the Free Lula campaign

Aug 6, 2019 12:12 PM

Photo: Márcio Garcez

Bulletin 529 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Straight from Curitiba – 8/2/2019 – 483 days of resistance – 7:25 PM

1. The gratitude of former President Lula to the Lula Livre Vigil has been expressed nearly daily at the resistance center and is one of his greatest incentives to stay strong in the struggle for justice. To show his respect and admiration for the activists who have resisted by his side for nearly 500 days, Lula wrote them a thank you letter for the friendly welcome they gave to his grandchildren recently. Laura and Pedro had just finished visiting the former President in prison and were welcomed with love by the people who know what Lula’s place in history will be. Read the letter here:

2. The National Lula Livre Committee started a series of articles which tell more about all of the peoples initiatives which have been set up across Brazil like democratic trenches in defense of the former President. The first article in the series is called, “A look at the Committees,” and tells the story of the Lula Livre Committee in Niterói, which was founded in March, 2019. Read more here:

3. In all of the towns it passes through, the Caravan of Resistance for the Northeast has brought the petition campaign to free Lula with it, which demands a reversal of the unjust conviction of the ex-President, and it has gained the population’s enthusiastic support.  Since the beginning of the Caravan, on July 31st, signatures were collected during all of the activities that were held during the three days of the caravan, which ended on Friday, August 2nd. The Caravan passed through the states of Bahia, Sergipe and Pernambuco. Read more here:

4. The “Good morning President Lula,” shout on this Friday, August 2nd, at the Lula Livre Vigil was joined in by Luiz Marinho, the former President of the ABC Metalworkers Union, ex-Mayor of São Bernardo do Campo and Lula’s former Minister of Labor and Pensions. Currently serving as the São Paulo State PT Director, Marinho joined the activists during the morning greetings and the shouts of support for Lula’s immediate release. Watch here: