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Conference will discuss Brazil's foreign policy

Jun 21, 2016 12:18 PM

Antônio Araújo/Câmara dos Deputados

Brazil's former minister of Foreign Relations and Defence, Celso Amorim, will be one of the main speakers at a conference that will debate the foreign policy of Brazil's interim government.

The conference will be held on July 4 in São Paulo during which Amorim will speak “In defence of an active and proud foreign policy”. Amorim, one of several strong voices that are speaking out against what seems to be a setback in Brazil's foreign policy, will try to compare it to the previous policy guidelines which sought to innovate and adapt Brazil in a multipolar world.

The event is being organized by Instituto Lula, the Perseu Abramo Foundation, Frente Brasil Popular, the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (Clacso) and the GR-RI (a discussion group created by trade unions and academics to discuss Brazilian foreign relations).

The conference will take place on July 4, at 7pm at the Casa de Portugal – Av, da Liberdade, 602. Registration is free.

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