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Lula is a political prisioner, says former London mayor

May 21, 2019 3:00 PM

Ken Livingstone, ex-prefeito de Londres. Foto: Reprodução/Facebook

Ken Livingstone, former London mayor, published today a video where he argues that the lies and smears against Lula were concocted so that he could not get back to power. This led to the unconceivable victory of the far right with the election of Bolsonaro in last years' Brazilian elections. "And that's what all this is about".

"Lula was the best Brazilian leader in my lifetime. He came to power to give a better life to the ordinary Brazilians. And that's why all the lies and smears against him were concocted. Because if he would've been alowed to stand at the last election we wouldn't now have this extreme right-wing Brazilian President. Lula would be back in power. And that's what all this is about. The corporative interests don't want a serious discussion about the economy, they just want to lie and smear anybody that might pose a threat to them."

The message was posted both on Twitter  and Facebook. At the end of the post, Ken Livingstone invites people to take action:

1. Pass & watch Ken Livingstone video if you say #FreeLula - #LulaLivre ↓
2. Sign the statement at
3. Like the Brazil Solidarity Initiative