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São Paulo receives 200 thousand people for May 1st celebrations

02/05/2019 10:48

Photo: Rodrigo Pilha

Bulletin 436 – People's Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Straight from Curitiba – 5/1/2019 – 390 days of resistance – 7PM

1. At least 200,000 people came to Anhangabaú valley in downtown São Paulo to participate in the May Day demonstration and its cultural activities. The political act was reminiscent of the great struggles in Brazilian history as it united the union confederations and all of the political parties of the opposition. What they all have in common is the generalized rejection of cuts in public education spending, the persecution of social movements and the disastrous international policy, and they all reject the Bolsonaro government's proposal to destroy the retirement system, and call for freedom for former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. All hopes are now on the General Strike, which was announced for June 14th. Read more here:

2. On this May 1st, the Lula Institute remembers Lula's historic speech on the International Day of Workers in 1979. On this occasion, the former President spoke to 150,000 people in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, in the context of resistance to the military dictatorship and confrontation against the multinational corporations. See this speech, on its 40th anniversary, here:

3. Demonstrations in support of Lula took place on this May 1st in countries around the World. In Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Mexico, Namibia, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden among other countries, people wore t-shirts and held up signs, flags and banners in defense of the former President. In Mannheim, Germany, there was a solidarity committee set up whose members spoke with people about the situation of Lula and of Brazil under the fascist Bolsonaro government. In every Brazilian city where May 1st demonstrations took place, #LulaLivre committees participated in the protests. Read more here:

Photos from Mexico City: 

Photos from Madrid:

4. The Unified Federation of Petroleum Workers (FUP) promoted  an act in defense of Lula on this Wednesday, May 1st. An enormous sign with the face of the ex-President and the words, “Free Lula,” and “Work and Dignity”, was hung from the Lapa Aqueduct, a traditional tourist point in Rio de Janeiro.  The goal of this direct action was to increase visibility of the campaign for freedom for the ex-President, who has been held as a political prisoner for 390 days in Curitiba. Read more here:

5. The good morning greetings to President Lula at the Lula Livre Democratic Vigil were led by state congressman Professor Lemos, PT leader in the Paraná State Legislature. The lawmaker highlighted the importance of the fight against pension reform on this May 1st and also thanked activists from Florianopolis (Santa Catarina) and Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), who came by bus caravan to strengthen the Vigil. “Brazil and the World are mobilizing today and we are here one more time with President Lula. We are not lifting a foot from this place until Lula is is given a fair trial and freed,” he said. Watch video here:

6. The activists from the Lula Livre Vigil held a demonstration in front of the Federal Police Headquarters to demand freedom for the ex-President and denounce Jair Bolsonaro's pension reform plan. The protesters highlighted the unity of all of the organizations on the left around the issue of freedom for Lula, which also means freedom for the Brazilian people in their struggle for rights and for a more just and democratic nation.